Saturday, April 28, 2012

30 Days of Photographs II - Day 28


This is Shaboo.  He is one of the six dogs we have.

Shaboo is very hard to photograph not only because he is all black but also that he won't sit still for two minutes when he sees me pointing a camera at him.  After chasing him back and forth from room to room, I was only able to get one good shot.

He doesn't play with the other dogs.  He sits off by himself, is very quiet and only barks when he thinks it's absolutely necessary.

All of our dogs have nicknames, some have more than one and all of them, except Shaboo, have the same nickname when that dog is in my way, doing something to piss me off or if I can't immediately remember his or her name.

Shaboo has only two nicknames:  "Monkey boy" because he tries to talk to you when he wants attention and sounds like a chimpanzee; the other is "Ghost" because you can't see him in the dark and will appear out of nowhere.  You can't even hear him coming (or going) because - believe this or not - he trims his own toenails!

In the group of dogs, he is considered to be the Beta male.  But when our Alpha dog passes, I doubt that Shaboo will want to fill that position and I don't believe he will mind if our other eldest dog takes over.

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