Monday, April 2, 2012

30 Days of Photographs II - Day 2


"Look up ... look waaaaay up!"

This is not the photo I was expecting to publish today.  It was supposed to be a picture of the butt-ugliest eyesore on this island and, sadly, the tallest building on this rock:  The proverbial zit-on-the-nose on prom night ugly.  It's so architecturally bland that it would have Frank Lloyd Wright turning in his grave.  Even sadder is the fact the original plans for the site called for two towers (fortunately, the project ran out of funding and only one was built).

Alas, I've been so busy lately that I wasn't able to get a picture of that non-architectural wonder.  Your welcome.

Instead, I present a last minute shot of the rectangular pyramid one would see if standing in the foyer of our house, looking upward.  It's so high that a giraffe could easily fit inside the entrance and still have enough headroom to don a ten gallon hat.  Our house, so I'm told, was designed and constructed by a merchant marine that dabbled in recreational boat building, and has many unique and sea faring features, the most prominent being the use of teak paneling throughout and the teak plantation doors.  Did I mention the guy was a boat builder?

It's not a Ghery nor a Wright but our house, both visually and structurally, has withstood some forty-plus years - not to mention several hurricanes -  and will probably survive another forty.

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This is part of the 30 Days of Photographs II,  spawned by Ziva  BonyMike (a.k.a. MikeWJ) and the following is a complete list of everyone taking part in this lunacy: 

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