Thursday, April 12, 2012

30 Days of Photographs II - Day 12


Be afraid.  Be very afraid.
There are many things that I fear.  The fear of flying, for example, is at the top of my list and will avoid it like the plague whenever I can.

Another thing in the top ten of my list is the fear of publicly humiliating myself.   As an example of how I might accomplish this feat, I give you what I call, "Scary Glass".  These items, collectively or singularly, are like my kryptonite.  I have this unconscious tendency to "talk with my hands" and if a Scary Glass is within arms length of my body, it will - quite unintentionally - get tipped over, resulting in excessive spillage, inevitable shattering and attracting unwanted attention to myself.

Accordingly, I try to have all beverage vessels in my immediate vicinity restricted to the height of the glass shown in the background (you'll notice its thick, heavy stable base).

Oh, and in case you're thinking of inviting me over for a party sometime, Ming vases, lamps, your grandmother's fine china, among other items, can also be categorized as "Scary Glass".

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This is part of the 30 Days of Photographs II challenge, spawned by Ziva & BonyMike (a.k.a. MikeWJ). Please visit the others that are contributing to this lunacy:

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