Monday, March 26, 2012

Due To Intestinal Difficulties ...

Ah, yes.  I've been away far too long.

Rather than regale you with tales of my gastronomic woes of these past several months, suffice it say that, where I was once looking to gain about ten pounds, I am now looking to gain twice that amount.  (Sorry Jayne, but I think it can now be clinically proven that my ass is, in fact, smaller than yours.  Not that that's a good thing.)

And, as my luck would have it, just as I'm feeling better I'm starting to come down with a head cold. Apparently one can sneeze while asleep.  Who knew?

C'est la vie.

Even though my blog stats have basically flat-lined (Well, no shit Sherlock - you haven't posted anything in three months), I have not.  I have been be-bopping around the blogs now and again trying to keep up to date, and commenting when my moods aren't putting the theatrics of Linda Blair in The Exorcist to shame - which is to say I've rarely commented at all.  Be thankful.

In order to get back into the swing things here in the bloggerhood, I've decided to commit suicide by camera join the shooting gallery in the upcoming "30 Days of Photographs II", brought to you by Ziva and BonyMike, which links will provide you with all the details of this picturesque project (just because I am too lazy to reiterate them here and am trying to write this post in 2,500 words or less and because, really, no one wants to read a long post about nothing at all since I have a lot to do today including, but not limited to, cleaning the rest of the car, picking up "Murphy's" mom from the airport, feeding the dogs, changing a fuse in the car which requires the skills of a professional Cirque du Soleil acrobat since the damn fuse box is located under the dashboard on the driver's side, doing laundry, securing Brutus while I'm out so that he doesn't further damage is healing leg after he ran out in traffic chasing a cat and got run over by a minivan, and taking a shower - but not necessarily in that order.  Oh shit, and taking some pictures of course.).

Anyone is welcome to join this insane scavenger hunt.  As for the time of day the photos are to be posted, you'll have to figure out that one on your own - I'm still confused, but then I'm so easily confused.  No worries, I be on Bahamian Time:  When it reach.