Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Testing ...

One, two, three.

(two seconds later ...)

Oh, shit!  It worked!!

Sure, I can publish a post on my blog but can't comment on it?? WTF??  Is it just my site or what??

Alright, I've had it.  I've got to get Disqus but I don't know how to do it stick it in there, if you know what I mean.  A little help, please?  (Assuming you are able to comment, of course.)

Hey, Blogger:  Blog this (points to Moooooog's crotch - seeing is that I don't have one of 'those').


Okay, since I can't comment on my own friggin' site, I guess the following will be the only way I can respond to comments for the time being:

Helen:  Whoa, you've changed (love your new pic)!  I see you could get through - nice to know that someone can.  Thanks for dropping in!

Ziva: ...dix, onze, douze.  Yep, that's as far as I'm gonna count because I'm gonna lose it in a moment.  Heh, heh.




Friday, May 20, 2011


With what little eyesight I have left, I've been neglecting my reading list mostly because I've been misreading things.  When one reads, "Wore" as "Whore", one should avoid reading fine print - or any print for that matter.  And I won't go into my recent Wheel of Fortune incident.

My new eyeballs (glasses) are supposed to "reach" this week.
Reach (as a Bahamian verb):  whenever it/they/whatever arrives at a destination; emphasis on whenever.
At any rate, during my blog skimming I discovered that two blogging awards were recently bestowed upon me by that crazy Arizonan zombie wombat we all know and love as  Quirkyloon.  Imagine my surprise when I saw these:

So, in keeping with true Quirky fashion:


 "Stylish"?  Moi? Just be glad that this isn't a video blog.  I didn't know what "matching" meant in fashion jargon until 10th grade but I try to adhere to that rule when I now go out in public.  Alright, I know that that's not what is meant by this 'Stylish' award.  Notwithstanding, I'm still verklempt!

*vapours hand-fan*

"Versatile"?  Granted that I don't really have a 'theme' to my blog and I write about dis, dat, and de udder tingum so, in that respect, I guess I am versatile!

*sheepish grin*

Alas, with greatness comes responsibilities.  Whether it be a Pulitzer Prize or a Blogging Award, obligations are attached, implied or not.  In this case, the cling-ons are:

1. Thank and link back to the person giving you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 10-15 blogs you think deserve this award.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.

When I was given my first blog award there were "rules" attached, and when I received it I was quite the 'newbie': my task was to award 7+ bloggers and state why I thought they deserved the honour. Gah! I barely knew a handful of people at best and, likewise, they barely knew me. Little did I know then that it wasn't completely taboo to break the rules. And, like Quirks, I'm not all about rules.

Let's just call them guidelines, shall we?
  1. I thank ye, O Quirkyloon, and graciously accept the honours ye have bestowed upon me.  (Um, no biggie but you forgot to drop me a nugget note about the awards.  I'll assume it was due to a DDP withdrawal - that or Blogger was still experiencing its own Twilight Zone).  You like me!  You really like me!!
  2. Seven things about meself ... well, I've probably already shared more than that and more than you care to know throughout my posts.  Fine.  I'll give you one of which you may not be aware:  I am NOT a cat.   I am, however, a bit of a 'dozo':  I get confused; then again, I am so easily confused.
  3. Pass the awards to 10-15 bloggers:  

Heh, heh.

I could surely name at least ten - probably more - blogs that deserve these awards but I think I'll just stick with the few bloggers I think will have fun with them.  Hopefully I will not overlap any other honourees that may be named by my co-recipients but, you know, shit happens.  So, in no particular order:
  • Sandra at Absolutely Narcissism.  She's a beautiful and very funny lady who should try stand-up comedy (or at least write some), and gets up all in your face with her 'naughty bits'.  Really (I mean with the 'naughty bits').
  • Nicky, Mike (and occasionally, Jepeto) at We Work For Cheese.  They are wonderfully cheesy people and are responsible for unleashing upon the blissfully ignorant the cacophony of caustic concoctions known as poutine (not to be confused with 'poontang').
  • Cheeseboy (Abe) at The Blog O' Cheese.  When he's not role playing as kitchen appliances (his most recent post), you might spot him at the local Chinese take-out dressed as Barney the Dinosaur, waxing his arm hair or doing some other crazy stuff like that.  Hey, he works with kids - young kids - the kind of kids that drive you bonkers - all day long.  Yeah, he's entitled.
  • Meleah at Momma Mia, Mea Culpa.  She hails from Jersey, complete with the attitude (she loves the badger), is so versatile that she surfs the 'net while sitting on the john, but above all, she has a heart of gold.
I hope you visit these sites -  they are worth a look-see.  Hey, you might even learn something about your private parts, cheese, kids and/or badgers!

Once this is published, I will be off to complete the last of my obligations.  Speaking of obligations, I'm then off to go pick up some beer booze butter.  Oh, and the newspapers.



"Eyeball" update:  They are now to arrive sometime early next week.  Yeah, right.  I won't be holding my breath.




Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Hell Hath No Fury ..."

Honour thy mother on this her special day.

Or else:

Water vapour satellite image of "Mother Nature" courtesy of (stolen from) NOAA

Happy Mother's Day!