Monday, April 16, 2012

30 Days of Photographs II - Day 16

Ordinary Matters

Sunday dinner.  For some, it's truly ordinary.  For some, it truly matters.

I really had no idea as to how to interpret today's theme so I took this shot last night of the dinner table arrangement we never see at our house.  We had Sunday dinner with our visiting Canadian friend, a quasi-relative if you will, and it's a very rare occasion that my mother and I ever get out together.

It was fun.  I made a point of replacing the Scary Glass at the place settings for me and my mom with shorter ones but "Margo" (not her real name) said she was fine with hers.  I chuckled sardonically and with Margo sitting opposite of me, I thought her glass would be safe from my reach.  It was.  Halfway through dinner, Margo dumped her own glass over, spilling wine all over the table.

Sunday dinner.  Ordinary matters.

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