Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yes, She Reads This Blog - Momisms (Part 1)

I've read in several blogs and comments where some people are reluctant to tell their friends, family and co-workers, etc. about their blog for various reasons. I would have to agree with some of those reasons. Having an online journal imparts writers the freedom to say whatever they want and, in some cases, gives them the anonymity they wish to enjoy should they ever malign write about their friends, family, etc.

But unlike some relatives, my mom enjoys reading my blog.  She also reads many of the others that I follow and thinks one person is "totally nuts" - but in a good way.   I even have her proofread some of my stuff for errors (usually grammatical) or for some other constructive criticism.

Sorry about your luck mom, you won't be proofreading this one.

My mother's "Momisms" include, but are not limited to, the comments, words, expressions, questions, mixed metaphors, etc. that escape her lips from time to time.  And since I'm in a sharing mood:

We were having some problems with our Internet provider and their e-mail services wherein we were not able to send or receive.  The IP tech said they would look into it and gave us an alternate DNS Server number that would circumvent the issue in the meantime.  I was experiencing the same problem just recently and was cursing aloud that I couldn't even get connected to the net.  She said, "Try using that other DNA number".   There are times I wish we didn't share the same DNA:  this was one of those times.

I don't know if it's her age or the fact she has too much shit in her ears, but she's going deaf.  I, on the other hand, can hear a Palmetto bug fart in the next room.  Occasionally I make stir-fry for dinner with either rice or Thai noodles, so I opted for the noodles the other night.  She complemented me on the dinner, for which I  thanked her, but I pointed out, "I think I overcooked the Thai noodles", to which she responded, "There are pine needles in this??".

The thermometer incident (no, it's not what you may think):  I finally went out and bought a digital thermometer.  Whoever invented those mercury-type ones should have one stuck in his eye.  "Yeah,  I'll bet you can read it NOW, asshole".  At any rate, I mentioned that I had bought a DIGITAL thermometer that day.  She asked, "What does it read out?".  WTF??  I had no idea what she was asking.  I thought about it for a few seconds and I was still confused.  Did she mean the temperature, the digits, the language, does it speak to you?  The only response I had was, "Um...Chinese?", or something to that effect.  Granted, she has been living here for about 15 years so I could blame it on a Bahamianism, but I don't know - I'm still scratching my head at that one.

I would be remiss if I didn't share one of my own flubs: We were talking about broccoli one night and the fact that she doesn't like how the florets 'feel' in certain dishes. I like broccoli and try to prepare dishes that would be to her liking, so she mentioned that there was a soup recipe that I might try sometime. I asked if it was a cold soup like "gestapo": what I meant was "gazpacho".  Apparently it IS in the DNA.

Going back to my opening paragraph, my mom, evidently, did not read those posts and comments about  'sharing' their blogs with relatives and the like:  She e-mailed a link to to my blog to (OMG!) my uncle,  and a couple of other people.  In the reference line of the e-mail she wrote, " RE:  (myrealname's)  BLO".

Apparently I "BLO".


  1. that is so true for me too because my daughter and i live with my parents who are both close to 80.

    I'm so tired of repeating everything at least 3x's. but if it weren't for them, we'd be out in the cold. and we love them.

    heh heh. pine noodles and gestapo!

  2. EG: (can I call you "EG"? My typing sucks sometimes). I hear ya there. Personally, I would blame my mom's problem on ear goo. It runs in the family.

    Heh heh, "gestapo" - yep, that was part of the DNA I didn't inherit from my grandmother (who will be 90 this month) - she has the memory of an elephant. As for me, I sometimes have to do the math just to remember how old I am.

  3. If I had your blog, I would totally have my mother read it, I love your BLO. The thing is, I have my blog, and even though I don't really write anything "bad" on it, people tend to get crazy in the comment section and suddenly I'm having an affair with three girls and a pony - and liking it! Can't have mom read that... ;)

  4. Ziva: "Vat? Your mudda doesn't have a sense of humour? Oy gavult" (I'd say in my best yenta accent.) Heh heh.

    I remember something about the threesome in the comments on your blog, but what's up with the pony?!! And no evil penguins? ;-)

    And thanks for loving my blog and not thinking that it BLOs. *blush* I love your's too.


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