Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Aside...

George Carlin: "One can never know for sure what a deserted area looks like."

00dozo:  "My blog?"


  1. Not deserted, I'm here! And I have something for you over at my place. Come on over and I'll show you what a deserted blog looks like. ;)

  2. 00dozo, I got here as soon as I could! My stoopid internet was broken :-( Hello? Heeelllloooooo? Great, I finally get here, and you're over at Ziva's! Well, I guess since I'm here, I'll have to make myself at home while I wait for you to come back. Got any cheese?

  3. Ziva: I saw your comment soon after you posted it, but couldn't respond - my blog wouldn't take my comment(??) And then my connection crapped out. Oy.

    Heh heh, judging by the amount of chit-chat you get, your place isn't THAT deserted! ;-)

    And, NO! YOU DIDN'T!! I'm just a rookie! I barely don't know that many people in blogworld just yet. Can I re-gift??

    But I humbly accept the award. "You like me, you really, really like me."

    Nicky: I was wondering where you were earlier in the week, thinking to myself, "It's quiet, almost too quiet" in blogworld. Sorry I couldn't bring the cheese but my connection ...

    I caught the last 2 periods of the game last night. Ouch! Well, it was only the first game and it was away. But I'll be rooting for them!

    "GO HABS GO! GO HABS GO!" ;-)

  4. Be very afraid, because if you don't pass it on to 12 bloggers within 10 minutes, your fingers will fall off and bad things will happen. No wait, that was the e-mail I got the other day... I'm pretty sure it's okay to cheat a little when you're given an award. ;)

  5. I thought it was 10 bloggers in 12 minutes?!?

    Heh heh, Ziva. I've spent most of my day - well, ALL of it really - composing my award post and I still have my fingers. And I did cheat a little (I had to!).


    awards 4 u,
    Happy Monday!

    love your new blog!

  7. Hey Jingle. I did pick up the award - I took the music one - and thanks again. I'll be putting up sooner or later, just a bit busy this week.

    ciao for now