Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Foot-in-Mouth Disease (Size 22)

Yeah,  I know it should say, "Part 2", but I'm talking about a foot, after all.

As a short follow-up to my last post, the power company made the following statements and/or assertions in the last couple of days (this is according to the local newspaper):
  • (Friday):   After its apologizes for the inconveniences, it said the same inconveniences were "expected to continue into next week."
  • (Saturday):  It was reported that the problems were fixed,  regular service had been restored and that no one should experience any further inconveniences.
  • (Monday - we don't get a Sunday paper):  A notice is published to advise its customers their "fuel surcharge for the month of May" would be considerably higher.  WTF? Three days of questionable power supply equates to an entire month?  And since it isn't burning fuel to supply power, again, WTF?
  • (Monday, again):  It admitted that it wasn't so quite up-and-running as previously claimed,  but it was going to rotate the inconveniences to randomly inconvenience those who weren't already inconvenienced.
It's now Tuesday.  It was just after 7 p.m. when one of these inconveniences was bestowed upon us. This time Bionic Bob advised us in a  pre-recorded message that we would be without power for about 2 to 4 hours (in other words, "until it reach").

Because of Hurricane Frances, we bought a generator - I just hope we have enough fuel on hand.


  1. "...rotate the inconveniences to randomly inconvenience those who weren't already inconvenienced."

    Random acts of inconvenience. I think I may start a movement based on this.

  2. Ha! Sounds like a good idea. And what would you call this movement (I'm almost afraid to ask)?

    I forgot to mention that Bionic Bob went on to apologize for the inconvenience, thanking us, once again, for conserving power. Oy.

  3. oh the intelligence of some...hope you got power..or at least did not run out of fuel...

  4. Hey Brian! Thanks for dropping in!

    Yes, I have the power. I am one of the 'Powers That Be', don't you know. Heh heh.

    Seriously, the rotating outages continue, and we haven't been relying upon the word of the power company for quite some time now. Which reminds me, I gotta get some reserve deisel.

    I'll drop by your site soon - but maybe not tonite - gotta make dinner. Ciao for now.

  5. Random acts of inconvenience could be followed by random acts of incontinence. That'd teach 'em.

    And I really don't the get the link between not having power and having to pay extra for fuel. That's like paying extra to go to a movie just to watch trailers.

  6. Bony Mike (still too tired to screw around with your initials): Would said incontinence include the 'runs'? They are full of shit, you know.

    As for the surcharges, I have no idea.

    Initially, the needed repairs and upgrades were to start before Kwanzaa, then delayed until February (reason not given). Then they claimed certain parts were yet unavailable, so repairs were put off again. THEN the supplier of the parts went bankrupt and the power company had to source out another supplier. The last, and probably the most irrational excuse to date in this debacle, was that they found a supplier in Europe but couldn't get the "thousands of tons of parts" shipped here because of the erruption of the Icelandic volcano.

    It is my understanding that it was just the airlines that were grounded and not the commercial freight ships. Besides, who in their right mind would have "tons" of anything shipped via airfreight? Do you know what that would cost??


    p.s. my moms says you're nuts.

  7. Sorry,
    but this did happen and best wishes.
    Being tolerant and polite may win some positive feedback...

  8. Jingle: You do realize I am being pessimistic, cynical and 'snarkcastic', don't you??

    I'm generally a nice person all around, but it was getting tiresome.

    Your comment is understandable and, good or bad, is welcomed nonetheless.