Monday, May 17, 2010

But, Why Me?? I'm Just a Lowly Rookie!

I really have no idea.  From what I understand:

“The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world.”

Me?  L'il ol' me??  I'd hardly think so, but just the same, Ziva at Ziva's Inferno gave me this award.  What she said of me: "...(00dozo) who I haven’t been reading very long at all, but who actually believes me when I say evil penguins could eat her pavement". So, basically, she gave it to me out of pity AND thinks I'm delusional.  I'm so verklempt!  (I'd put in linky-tingums here to the post(s) containing the penguin bits, but my bloggy skills are in need of much honing.)

Now, the Rules that accompany this Award are:
  1. Post the award on your blog.  This took some doing, but I finally got it up there.
  2. Pass the award on to twelve bloggers. I barely know 5 bloggers that well, but 12???  I'll fudge it.
  3. Link to the nominees in your post.  I'm pretty good at that, I think.
  4. Let the other bloggers know they’ve received this award by commenting on their blog.  Piece of cake.  (Tried to get me with the kids, dirty diapers and fish, eh Ziva? I'm not that delusional.)
  5. Link to the person you received this award from. Done.
Now the hard part:  The Nominees.  I'd like to say in advance,  SORRY! (I am sooo Canadian), but I'm going to have to give this award to some of those persons named in Ziva's post merely because I really don't know that many bloggers yet and, if I get this out quick enough, they can combine their obligations in one swell foop.  So, here it goes:

1.  To  Frank Lee MeiDere because he:  won't give a damn; probably doesn't like me very much (he posts things that I have to look-up); makes me laugh and inspires me to write better, and I think he's a "bright and shiny" person (okay, "dark and twisty" - happy, Frank?).
2.  To  BonyMike  (a.k.a MikeWJ) because he, too, inspires me to be a better writer, can be exceptionally long winded, just cracks me up most of the time, and because he likes the nickname I gave him  ;-).
3.  To nonamedufus for welcoming me to Blogger in my very first post, and because he recently returned with his funny bone (with its marrow) intact.  Stay well, dufus!

The aforementioned three were, in no preferential order, the first bloggers to leave comments on my site and the first to follow me.  I bow in reverence to thee.

Alright, enough of the gushy talk ... on with it. Again, in no preferential order:

4.  To Nicky and CheesyMike for being funny, witty and very cheesy in so many ways, and because they couldn't include MORE people for the award when it was recently given to them.  So, here's your chance, guys.  And also because Mike doesn't mind the nickname I gave him.
5.  To Ziva, of course, because she is a very good and clever writer, not to mention evil and twisted in her own charming way, and will probably want to assassinate me for re-gifting her.
6.  To Jingle, as an apology for snarking at her in one of my comments (Jingle:  I'm sure you are as nice and as forgiving as you appear to be, so I do believe you deserve this Award), and because I suffer from Canadian guilt.
7  through 12:     CatLadyLarew,  WillowLeeuna, Everyday Goddess"Reffie", and Knucklehead!, all of whose sites I very much enjoy reading because they're witty, very well written, serious, hilarious and/or just nutty and who I will be visiting more often once my new laptop reach (my present one is suffering from virtual Alzheimer's and is ready to blow a chip).

So, there you have it.    Have a (whatever it is you're having) Day.


  1. Hey, thanks for the award and for leaving great comments on my blog. I'm back, but I'm taking things slowly for the next little while.

  2. thank you,
    please forget about your previous comment...
    I am open for criticism,
    and you are so kind to give me deep care and concern!

    i will accept your award within the week.
    many thanks,

  3. You know, I think I like you despite the fact that you are originally from Toronto and like the Leafs. Not to mention that you now live in the tropics, of which I am insanely jealous :-) Seriously, thank you very much for giving us this award. We appreciate it!

  4. Thank you very much! What a great surprise, and I can't wait to meet the other Sunshine Awardees! Thanks again!

  5. Thanks so much for the award. Nobody can have too much sunshine. Also thanks for introducing us to the other bloggers you chose for the sunshine award. I look forward to visiting them and reading their work. Have a great week and thanks again. :)

  6. Don't worry, sweet 00dozo, you'll never know what hit you when I come to take you out..

    I'm just kidding, I'm really honored and happy you would re-gift me! Thank you so much!

  7. dufus: You're welcome and, by all means, take your time with your recovery.

    Jingle: You're welcome for the award and can pick it up anytime. I don't know much about you, but I figured you must have a bit of a sense of humour. Thanks for your comment.

    Nicky: Hey, don't knock Hogtown! At least - as far as I know anymore - it doesn't have a lot of Poutine (sorry for that visual). And, despite the fact that you live in Montreal and like the Canadiens, I like you too. ;-)

    You're very welcome for the award. Now go out there and spread that Sunshine!

    Everyday Goddess: Your site is one I do try to get to when my laptop isn't sundowning. You're "Payphone" post, while being a bit sad-but-true to us older folk, cracked me up!

    You are very welcome, too!

    Leeuna: You are a great writer and I can ses where the demands of your profession would make anyone a little nutty - but in a good way! I'll try visiting more often, and you're welcome for the award. (P.S. I think I found you through Frank's site, go figure;-)

    Ziva: Fast, quick and painless. Yep, that's the way I wanna go ;-).

    I was honoured to recieve the award from you. You are very, very welcome.

  8. I found you again. Now, since I follow you, why aren't you on my blog roll thingie? It's all so hard. Congrats on the award! You are a delight!

  9. Damn your fast Linda! Caffine overload??? I don't know how your blogroll works, but I do follow you too - just look for the hapless black and white cat. Thanks for the congrats and on the compliment.


  10. Yay! A little bit of Sunshine on a rainy Rochester day! Thanks!

  11. I'm never long-winded, 00dozo, I just say what has to be said because the voices won't shut up until I say it. Long-winded? Hell, I don't even have any lungs because I'm a dead skeleton, hence the affectionate (I choose to believe it was affectionate, so don't burst my bubble) nickname you gave me: BonyMike. But what's got me very worried is that you are the first or second person this week to say that I inspire you. Given what I know about myself, I'm afraid you guys are going to go throw yourselves off a bridge, or open fire in a crowded mall or start watching American Idol or something equally disturbing. Don't you people realize how seriously messed up I am? There's nothing of inspiration or sunshine in me--I'm a hopelessly disturbed, gloomy neurotic who survives on a steady diet of anxiety, stress and emotional breakdowns. If it weren't for my wife, I'd be living in a van down by the river, eating free government cheese and whatever I could catch in the woods and the water. Hey, come to think of it, that doesn't sound too bad! Thanks for the idea, 00dozo! Now who's inspiring......

  12. BonyMike: Me? Lowly me, inspiring?? Ha! But thanks just the same. I rather like your long-windedness since it is one of the reasons I gave you this award and not just because I know so few bloggers (ugh). I, too, find myself prattling on and on sometimes in my posts and have to rehash them before publishing. And don't worry, I won't be jumping off any bridges and we have no malls here, but, um, I do watch American Idol (only because there is nothing else on and my mom kinda likes it, but this is its last year - yay!). Yes, the nickname was given in affection I dare say, and because it is really less confusing (I am so easily confused). If you hadn't joined an online journal forum to release some of your gloomy neurotic self, I am of the firm belief that you would be living in that van by the river, surviving on government cheese, woodland and water creatures, with me and probably a few others joining you. Hmmm...I wonder if there are any brookies in that river. So, yes, you are an inspiration and please stick around, if not for your own sanity but for some of ours.

  13. CatLady: You're very welcome and I'm glad I could help brighten your day. I love your writing style and wit and look forward to visiting often.


    two awards on the bottom of the post.
    Happy Thursday!

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