Thursday, May 13, 2010


Today is Theme Thursday and this week I thought I would throw my hat into the ring.

I couldn't find a ring, so I used the bougainvillea in our backyard instead.  Deceptively pretty thing, isn't it?  Don't be fooled as these suckers have long, nasty thorns.  They will bite.

And those are my sunglasses, magically attaching to my "eyeballs" when the need arises.

Not too far away from our house, there is a little grocery store that has become very handy to me since I'm always finding that we're out of an ingredient necessary for the dinner I've already started to prepare.  So, off to the store I go.

Recently,  I had to take this trip twice in as many days.  The first time was uneventful.  But on the second trip I noticed this:

Now, potholes aren't generally inexplicable in and of themselves, but this one was particularly interesting because: (a) while they are usually found on those parts of the road most frequented by cars (and lying in wait for the next unobservant driver who will land a tyre - or two - straight into its gaping maw), this one is smack-dab in the middle of the road;  (b) there is very little debris inside the hole and the piece of pavement that once covered it is nowhere to be seen.  Absolutely nowhere. There it is...gone!; and, (c) it happened sometime during the night.


So, one has to wonder how this tyre biter came to be.  I have no idea.  But I have a few theories:
  1. A land crab woke up from his long hibernation and suddenly popped up out of the pavement due to his urgent need to pee, and didn't notice the pavement on top of his head.
  2. It's an obvious impractical attempt at a practical joke by a bunch of drunk and juvenile Bahamians.
  3. Aliens came down and sucked the pavement out because they thought it looked like one half of an Oreo cookie and that it would taste good dipped in whatever it is they use for milk.
  4. The island farted and sent the piece of pavement flying into the nearby bush.
My vote goes to the aliens.

Still, it remains a mystery.

(My Bad:  Being new here, I forgot (a.k.a. should have realized) to post a link to Theme Thursday  - d'oh!)


  1. I like to think that this piece of pavement was run over by an unusually sticky tire and was seized by the opportunity to take a tour of the island. And who can blame it, laying there all the time with nothing to look at but the sky and the occasional rusty muffler? Now it's free--or as free as one can be stuck to a tire, but freer, at least--and visiting one of the world's premier vacation destinations at somebody else's expense. I actually envy the pavement, and the lucky break it got. Would that we all could get a second chance at life. In my case, for instance, I'd like to be stuck to the tire of a bright red Fiat, in Italy. Just thinking of the possibility of it makes my head spin!

  2. Ronda: You have money? Was it also stolen and deposited in a secret Bahamian bank account like all of 00dozo's money? She's living on the lam, you know.

    Wait a Minnesota Minute! You were her accomplice, weren't you? You two are something else. You're the Thelma and Louise of thieves, except that you didn't kill yourselves driving off a cliff and you live in the Bahamas.

  3. Mike: I did consider the possibility that the pavement might have hitched a ride on some tyre, but that seems unlikely because these things are everywhere. There was a second hole on the same stretch of road and it too popped up overnight.

    Italy, eh? I would like to visit Europe someday and hop over to Canada (now known as Canasia?) and get me some egg rolls.

  4. Ronda: Thanks for popping in! I was leaning toward #4, but the aliens won out.

  5. MikeWJ (again): Thelma and Louise didn't die. Apparently Evil Knievel considered jumping that canyon from the other side, and had already built a ramp. He abandoned the project but left the ramp, however, the convertible Thelma and Louise drove, being heavier than a motorcyle, gave it just enough momentum to reach Knievel's ramp.

    (I'm ramping on here - it's way to early - got to bed very late. Can't think straight just yet.)

  6. obviously some beeno is in need. lol. nice.

    happy tt!

  7. Brian: Heh heh, 'beano'! Thanks for the compliment, too.

    willow: Hi, thanks and thanks for dropping in.

  8. I'm down for the fart explanation. I think Iceland has inspired other small islands to get into the act.

  9. Heh heh, Frank. The islands are not volcanic but carbonate. I'd have to blame the flatulence on coleslaw - it's a Bahamian staple.

    (And, yes, I did look that up ;-)

  10. Aliens. They're sneaky like that.

  11. Hi Cheryl - thanks for dropping by!

    Yes, those damn sneaky aliens. You can't live with 'em, trust 'em, but most importantly, you never see 'em - yet you know they are there!


  12. we're supposed to have all the ingredients first? who knew.

    I'm guessing aliens.
    Nicely themed!

  13. Clearly the work of Pavement Bandits. They cut out a piece of it, bring it home, and re-re-refine the tar into fuel.

    They need the fuel because of the recent power outages.It's their way of sending a clear message to the gov't people: no more blackouts or else more potholes.

  14. Everyday Goddess: Hi, good morning and welcome! Ingredients? Of course! If you don't have the banana, you can't make it split. And if we didn't have aliens, we'd have no sci-fi (well, that may not be entirely true). Thanks.

    I really liked your Mata Hari story. I suppose that she probably did feel that way in the end. Nice post.

    Mike: Ha ha! Nice segue. The gov't here doesn't regulate the power company, the Port Authority does - I don't know which is, or would be, worse. The PA doesn't do much regulating, other to collect the annual licence fees. I could go on about the Duty Paid and Bonded fuel prices, but I won't other than to say the power company buys its fuel bonded. But, your premise is plausible!

    (I almost called you "BonyMike" - heh heh - way too early in the morning - I'm easily confused. BTW, I hope you weren't offended by "CheesyMike".)

  15. CheesyMike is fine. It's become the easiest way to differentiate between myself and MikeWJ aka BonyMike

  16. I'm pretty sure some evil penguins came riding on their pink bicycles, stopped to take a leak and decided to take the piece of pavement as a souvenir. They probably left a dead fish in the hole, but the fish was subsequently eaten by hungry bears before you saw it.

    You have penguins, right? And bears?

  17. Ziva: If we had penguins, they'd have to have made a great escape from a zoo in New York, subsequently hijacking a freight liner and bringing their own pink bicycles (complete with indestructible locks which are now made of the finest Finnish fish, bearing a note stating the fish is worth more than the bike) in order to tour the island. The fish they left in the pothole, as payment for the piece of pavement, was probably scooped by a local Bahamian for that night's fish fry.

    As for bears, we have none, unless they escaped from (or were released by) the penguins of the aforementioned freight liner. Whatever the reason for their liberation, I'm assuming the bears would be of polar ilk, languishing on a beach somewhere with a pina colada in hand, and not giving a second thought about fish in potholes.

    (Smile and wave, Ziva, just smile and wave.)

  18. *smiling and waving à la Madagascar penguins*

    All those things you said? They could happen, you know. I'm just saying... Look out for penguins.