Sunday, June 6, 2010


It's been a rather crappy week here in blogsville.  No matter where I landed, almost every post or comment dumped in a reference to poo.  Shit was everywhere!

And, in a complimentary fashion, I was honoured by nonamedufus in his weekly caption contest with this award:

I am also honoured to share this award and hang out with two other funny cling-ons, Tom at Moose With A Twist and Chris@Knucklehead.

Thank you again, dufus!  And thanks to all of you bloggers who dropped a load.  It kept me regular all week.


  1. You know you were correct Ma'am. I didn't realize I was on the telepathic poo path this last week.

    But I dumped as well as others. hee hee

  2. u r funny,
    well deserved award,
    have a fun Sunday!
    Happy Day!

  3. Quirks: Strange, isn't it?? And the pooetry thing, oops, I mean poetry's all mind control, I tell ya.

  4. Jingle: Thanks. Nice to see you following the lunacy. ;-)

  5. Funny stuff and now

  6. Jepeto will be very pleased to see pooh getting so much attention. Congratulations!

  7. Hey when it comes to praise it's like really know how to pile it on. Congratulations. Oh, and I tried to get here sooner so I could be the turd commenter but now I'm just the fifth.

  8. I was just surfin' the net and landed on your site. Don't know what to make of it. I think I might have taken some bad acid or something. Do you know where I could get some good seafood? Thank you, kindly.

  9. Monkey Man: Hi, thanks for joining the poo fling.

    Nicky: You should let Jepeto out more often so that he might participate sometime. Thanks for the congrats.

    dufus: Punny - you're always my morning groan. Don't suppose you got a pooper-scooper handy so I can dig myself out of this pile?

    BonyMike!!! Where in the hell have you been?? Yep, acid will do that to you. Nice to see that you are, um...still alive(?)!

  10. Congratulations on the award. I guess you have mentioned the poo posts a few times, huh? I never noticed poo except for the poo I wrote about!

  11. Linda: Geez, you be making the rounds today! Yes, your blog was one of them. I dunno, maybe I was a fly in a past life!