Tuesday, May 1, 2012

30 Days of Photographs II - Outtakes

A long month's journey to hell - and back??  It was supposed to be over but, noooooo, the PTB's of this 30 Days of Photographs II challenge (Ziva & BonyMike (a.k.a. MikeWJ) decided that 30 days wasn't enough torture sharing and have requested the participants publish some of their unused or rejected photos of this challenge.

In no particular order, here are some of mine:

42:  One of the lion statues at "Camelot"
BIRD:  Coconut tree displaying the Morse Code of resident woodpeckers
(and woodpeckers may just peck your eyes out)

MIRROR:  Two of the less dizzying webcam outtakes

STRANGER:  My mom preferred the second one

TIME:  I was trying to get a shot of the cobwebs and dust that had collected on this candle holder.

CROWD:  Like birds, toothpicks may also peck your eyes out

FIRE:  Two shots I kind of liked but got burned

FISH TALES:  My post foot injury outtakes (my 'studio' was relegated to my desk and laptop screensavers at this point)

TRAGEDY:  Rejected entry for Part 3 of my "Trilogy":  The Experiment, Power, Tragedy

WOOD:  The tree that grew the roots shown in my post for Wood
(and before you ask again, it's a Poinciana tree)

and, finally:

FIRE:  Upon reviewing my fire photos, I now realize I did have a shot for The Devil after all.

While it wasn't mandatory that the outtakes be published today (or at all), some participants might post them in the near future, so please give them a boo:

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