Friday, April 30, 2010

My Journal

As you  may know (or not), I hate the term "blog".  Since the advent of 'texting' (another abhorrent term), the English language has been bastardized, chopped, hacked, and pureed into a form of sub educated drivel that most adolescents, and sadly some adults, use to communicate.  I know what 'bff' and 'cul8er' means, but really,  does it cost any more to send the actual words than their shorter forms?   (I wouldn't know because I use my cell phone to literally speak to people, and not to 'text' their e-mails or in-boxes or whatever.)   Mind you, I can live with, "WTF?".


When I was younger (oh, so many moons ago), I wanted to be a writer, of sorts.  I think, however, I was mostly put-off by the attitude of one of my junior high English teachers.  She wasn't particularly interesting or nurturing in regards to what the purpose of an English curriculum was.  She merely barked at us, telling us to read this or that, write a book report (yeah, I bought the Cole's Notes) and, ironically, keep a daily journal.  She looked like the animated female version of Mr. Limpet, but with a tight perm, heavy lipstick and way bigger glasses.

As for the journal, well, we were supposed to write something - "anything" (she said).  Not being very inspired, I don't think I wrote more than one sentence per day and had to bite my tongue to avoid expressing my opinion of her (after all, she did review the journals every day).

I failed her class.

Later, I had a great English teacher who I believed inspired the "dorky" or "geeky" look, wearing his gingham polyester pants pulled up to just under his teats, wore glasses (of course) and had a pointy nose.  But he was really cool!  He was also my drama teacher (go figure).  I joined the spelling bee team (yeah, the "zed" thingy), we did some creative writing, touched on the Bard and we really had a blast in his class.  We didn't, however, keep daily journals.

I didn't further my education or resume my dalliances in writing due to my life's circumstances at the time.

At any rate, I have a little more time on my hands to pursue my yearning to write, thanks mostly to several persons I have discovered through blogging (ugh), but in particular my current followers (my "Three Musketeers") from whom I'm sure I will learn much, but  who will mostly have me ROTFLMAO (yeah, I like that one too).  This "Journal", as I will call it, is a lesson unto myself and an accreditation (her only redeeming quality, in my opinion)  to "Mrs. Limpet".

p.s.  does it bother anyone else that "bff"and "cul8r" are accepted by the spell-checker?  Oy vey.


  1. We are brothers from different mothers, 00dozo. As you know, I hate the word that shall not be named, and try to avoid it whenever and where ever possible. The same thing goes for teachers who look like Mr. Limpet. Mr. Limpet gives me the creeps. cul8tr!

  2. "...the word that shall not be named..."

    I like it! If you use it again, I think it would look better like this:

    The Word That Shall Not  Be Named

    (Hey! That worked! I wasn't sure since I suck at HTML - I cheated.)