Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy**

In my last article I expressed my frustrations of not being able to post comment responses on my own blog.  Some other members of Blogger were (or still are) experiencing the same problem along with another glitch of not being able to publish articles on their own sites.

Another issue I was having was not being able to install Disqus on my blog and gave up on it a few weeks ago until this commenting problem arose.  Hoping to circumvent this recent commenting problem, I tried and tried and tried again to install Disqus with no luck.  I even went as far as to disable a majority of my internet security features but it still would not install.

Finally, and after a major mondo-blondo moment (three days), success!!  Disqus is now installed on my blog.

Disqus would not install because my internet browser (Internet Explorer) would not allow it, suspecting a cross-scripting (malicious) attack on my blog site.

As for the Blogger issues (commenting/posting/signing-in), my major concern was responding to comments on my own site (which I was prevented from doing), but I could still publish articles to my own blog and comment on other Bloggers' sites without problems.
(June 3, 2011 Update:  I posted a comment (using IE v.9) to one Blogger member's site, but later could not do it on another Blogger's site (while still using IE v.9).  I could, however, post a comment using another browser.)

Hmm, you say.

In the hope that I can shed light or some assistance to those who are experiencing some of the same problems I've encountered with Blogger and/or installing Disqus, I offer the following (please note, however, I am NOT a computer techie):

FYI (some shit that may or may not be relevant):
  • My platform is Windows 7
  • The internet browser I normally use is Internet Explorer (v.8 then, v.9 now)
  • I was born blonde (not that it really matters)

For Blogger:
I think it (Blogger) is still experiencing the same issues - now that I have Disqus, my only issue was commenting on my own blog and is now resolved.

Anyway, it may be your browser - try using an alternative for the time being.  I used Google Chrome.  It allowed me to sign in, sign out, post comments and articles through Blogger without problems.  Yeah, you probably won't like it much either but it got the job done for me.  Do a 'test' publish - it can always be deleted and you can alternate between browsers.

For Disqus (not being able to to install it on your site):
If you merely want to circumvent the commenting issue on your own site (I cannot speak to the problems others are having with commenting on other Blogger sites) and want to install Disqus but it is blocked because of a "cross-scripting" error:
  • If using IE (Internet Explorer), don't even bother to turn off the XSS filter(s) or related toggles.  They won't work.  Trust me, it don't work and you might save yourself a few clumps of hair (and from possible virus attacks).
  • Try an alternate browser (my "mondo-blondo" moment) to install it.  Again, Google Chrome worked for me - you can always go back to your regular browser afterwards (as I have).

I hope this was helpful and informative to those may still have problems.


**Ren & Stimpy / Happy Happy Joy Joy Song




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